The Law Data Science machine is here

August 3, 2017

We have landed

Law Data Science. Australia's first data science and legal analytics company has officially landed.

However, as official as this OFFICIAL blog post may seem, this actually isn't our first day on the job. In truth, we've unofficially been launched for around four months now, conducting pilot data consulting work with many of Australia's largest law firms, barristers and law schools.

We aren't big fans of big noting ourselves, and have put together this blog to share some of our substantive expertise around data science, analytics and law. Consider this blog less of an academic endeavour and more of an exploration of the the power of new technology and data analysis in law.

We are grounded in academia, but also have a significant presence in the commercial law industry, which makes us somewhat dangerous. We seek not to establish a divide between the two, but build a bridge that enhances the capacity of law to engage with concepts of data science and analysis.

Join us on our journey (you can say you were there from the very beginning) as explore the outer realms of the legal technology galaxy.

The Law Data Science machine is here.

Law Data Science

The art of law powered by data science.

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